Career Guidance with Dr PC Biaksiama

Our first visitor of 2018 was none other than Dr PC Biaksiama who came today to give a seminar about career guidance.

He was able to bring an engaging and beneficial message drawing from his illustrious career in the Police and Civil Service, as well as his rich academic experiences and biblical insights following the ten years he spent single-handedly translating the King James Bible into Mizo. He encouraged the students to identify their talents and seek to use their talents whole-heartedly for the benefit of the Mizo society, people and economy.

Christmas at DIS Hostel

Every year, our hostellers look forward to the Christmas season, not just for the chance to go home but also for the precious memories that will be formed at the hostel. This year was no exception, and just before we reached December, the campus was already glowing with beautiful lights that only the hostellers get to enjoy after darkness falls each night.

On the 2nd December, we enjoyed our annual Advent programme at the hostel, which for the past few years has consisted of a candlelit variety show, a candlelit dinner and a bonfire. The kids worked very hard and everything was a great and memorable success. They were also excited to see former wardens Joe and Gabriel, who came to join in the fun.

A few videos from this occasion can be viewed on our school Youtube account:

The next day, the entire hostel along with the principal and his family attended the Advent ‘Christmas Carol’ programme organised by the Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship (LEFI) at the YMA Hall in Khatla. We were thankful to Pastor Emmanuel for inviting us. The whole event was very enjoyable and we were especially proud of our hostellers for their two items, including a beautiful nativity play and a choir performance.

Class X hostellers remain a little longer than the others due to their exams. This gave them the chance to experience an entirely new worship context, thanks to the kind invitation of Pastor Emmanuel again. They attended a special multilingual and multicultural Christmas service at the compound of the Headquarters of the 23rd Sector of the Assam Rifles (Khatla) and once again presented a special item. Our teacher, Miss Manuni (C Lalnunpuii) also sang at both of Pastor Emmanuel’s events. It was a great honour to be invited to spend time with them.

The little church on the compound was started by Pastor Emmanuel himself and has grown over the past few years after he first started with an informal fellowship of about five Christians. It is a privilege to be part of his ministry and we are also thankful for the tokens of appreciation and expressions of hospitality through lunch that he extended to us on both occasions.

2017 has been a year to remember, and we sincerely wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Special Guests at the End of Term

We are currently in our final week before the Christmas vacation, and all the children are working hard for their third unit exams. Class X hostellers will stay back for an extra week. However, that doesn’t mean the excitement has to stop, and we have been blessed with two groups of special guests just in the past week.

First, last Monday two veterinary doctors visited to give a fascinating presentation about a variety of issues relating to animal welfare, conservation and ecology. Dr Lallianpuii Kawlni and Dr C Lalchhandama raised awareness about issues that are sure to make the children think about their role both as they look after their pets and care for Mizoram’s precious but delicate natural environment.

Second, last Friday a team of enthusiastic young people predominantly from Nagaland visited to lead a praise and worship afternoon. This included plenty of lively singing and two short but meaningful messages. We do hope they will come again some time.

Scholastic Book Fair

On 23rd and 24th November, representatives from Scholastic came and held a Book Fair at our school. This is an annual event and a great chance for all the children to get inspired about reading. Children from Class I to Class X enjoyed browsing and selecting books ranging from puzzles and activities to entertaining fiction and fascinating non-fiction. Ten Class IX volunteers were on hand to guide the younger ones. Special thanks go to Miss Jenny and Sir Jehova for making the book fair a success. We look forward to Scholastic visiting us again next year!

Children’s Day 2017

About 570 superheroes and superstars turned up at Divine Intervention School today, ready to take on the world! To celebrate Children’s Day, everyone came in fancy dress and a special programme was organised by the teachers. This included two dances by the teachers, some solos and a Miss Fancypants beauty pageant. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and went home happily with cake and Frooti.

Foundation Week 2017

Our school foundation day is the 15th October and it is celebrated differently every year. This year we spent a whole week enjoying a range of activities and competitions.

On Monday, some of the students helped to clean the school while others were involved in preparing some lovely stage decorations. Cleanliness is especially important these days since we are trying to work towards a Clean School Award (Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar).

On Tuesday morning, we had the school’s first ever debate competition final. Teams from the yellow and green houses did very well and ultimately the green house won, arguing that social media does more harm than good.┬áIn the afternoon, Miss Olivia and Miss Jenny led the elocution competition for the second time. We heard excellent poetry recitations from students of Class IV to Class IX with three sets of winners.

On Wednesday, we held a spectacular dance competition in which ten groups displayed their talents and worthy winners were selected by the judges. Meanwhile, everyone had come in traditional cultural dress, so the youngest classes spent the day learning Mizo dances outside. The day ended with an informal ‘lampui’ in the hall.

The kids, including all the hostellers, went home to enjoy an extended weekend break including the Diwali holiday on Thursday. On the Friday, however, the staff and workers met together at Liandova Picnic Spot for a day of recreation and fellowship.

It has been a diverse and enjoyable week for all. Well done to all the participants who put in hours of preparation, as well as the teachers who helped to make it all happen. We expect great things in the year to come!

Legal Awareness Campaign

“Ignorance of the law excuses not.” In the spirit of such a principle, we were most fortunate to have a visit from members of Govt. Mizoram Law College today. They presented an awareness programme about cybercrime and child sexual offences (POCSO Act) sponsored by Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA). It was highly relevant to the lives of the Class III to Class X students.

Participants included the principal Dr Rualkhuma Colney, Hmingthanpuii Ralte, Rebecca Lalrindiki and Zoparliani Khiangte. They also distributed refreshments; a welcome gesture on such a hot day!

Visit from George Ebenezer

George Ebenezer is an internationally-renowned youth and children’s minister. We were honoured as a school to have him take time out of his busy schedule in Northeast India to visit us for the afternoon, in collaboration with members of Breakthrough Ministries who have visited us several times as part of the LiveJam Tour. They were also accompanied by Pastor Emmanuel from Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship, a friend of our school. Through highly engaging talks, songs, dance and puppetry, George and the team brought a powerful message of preciousness and self-worth to the children.

George Ebenezer is the founder of Beyond Barriers, an organisation for ’empowering kids and teens’ through workshops for young people as well as meaningful training workshops for youth and children’s workers. A two-day workshop was held just this week at Folkland Park, Aizawl. Much of his ministry is born out of his incredible childhood experiences in which he faced the worst possible forms of abuse and poverty before encountering the saving power of Jesus. He and his wife have adopted nine children, many of whom have come from abusive backgrounds themselves.

Graduation 2017

We welcomed back the passed-out students yesterday on Thursday, 12th May, for their graduation ceremony. We are so proud of their success, which included a high proportion of distinction marks than ever before. Prizes and certificates were awarded to all the students, not only for their recent HSLC results but also for their extra-curricular achievements.

The ceremony was hosted by Miss Chhanpuii, Miss Babie and Sir LS-a, with speeches given by the Principal and the highest-scoring student, Saithangliana. It was followed by light refreshments in the Principal’s residence.

2nd DIS Extempore Speech Competition

The second extempore speech competition to be held at Divine Intervention School took place on Monday, 5th February. The middle and upper school classes gathered in the hall to cheer on their classmates. There were two representatives from each class from Class IV to Class IX.

From topics such as ‘My favourite cartoon character’ and ‘My best friend,’ to ‘If I were Prime Minister,’ each participant bravely took the stage for up to two minutes. Nerves were often on display, but others succeeded in captivating their audience with entertaining speeches.

Class IV and Class V, Class VI and Class VII and Class VIII and Class IX went head-to-head against each other. There were three winners from the three pairs of classes. The results were as follow:

Class IV and Class V

  1. J Lalrintluangi (V)
  2. Lalruatpuii (IV)
  3. Raymond Lalbiaksanga (V)

Class VI and Class VII

  1. Maurice Malsawmsanga (VI)
  2. Jeremy Lalhruaitluanga (VII)
  3. Laldinfeli (VII)

Class VIII and Class IX

  1. Lalnunpuia (VIII)
  2. Vanlalhlua (IX)
  3. Caleb Lalramchhuana (VIII)

Our heartiest congratulations to all the winners and participants. The competition was organised by Miss Olivia (Class I and Spoken English teacher) and Miss Jenny (KG I and English teacher), with an expert judges’ panel comprised of Miss Babie and Miss Manuni, both English teachers from the middle and upper school sections. The Principal, R Zochhawna, also made a short address. We are grateful to all who were involved in making the competition a success.