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Solo Competition 2017

Today we enjoyed the final of the DIS Solo Competition 2017. This has been organised by Sir LSa and both Miss Manunis. Miss Maliani and Miss Joanna served as additional judges and Maggie (Class X) did a great job as host. The winners will get a chance to sing in Vanapa Hall on the school Foundation Day celebration later this year.

Middle School

  1. Vanlalhruaizeli (Class VII)
  2. Wendy Lalchhanhimi (Class VIII)
  3. Faith Vanlalhlimpuii (Class V)

High School

  1. RK Ramdinpuia (Class IX A)
  2. Solomon Lalruatfela Khiangte (Class X)
  3. Gershom Laltanpuia (Class IX B)

Graduation 2017

We welcomed back the passed-out students yesterday on Thursday, 12th May, for their graduation ceremony. We are so proud of their success, which included a high proportion of distinction marks than ever before. Prizes and certificates were awarded to all the students, not only for their recent HSLC results but also for their extra-curricular achievements.

The ceremony was hosted by Miss Chhanpuii, Miss Babie and Sir LS-a, with speeches given by the Principal and the highest-scoring student, Saithangliana. It was followed by light refreshments in the Principal’s residence.

Success for DIS Energy Club

We are very proud to have established an Energy Club at Divine Intervention School in 2016, headed up by Miss Chhanpuii. More details can be found at this page. The Class IX (now Class X) members worked hard conducting audits in their local areas and taking part in awareness campaigns. They were even very successful at the state level, winning several awards in the year 2016-2017. Thanks to Miss Chhanpuii and all the students who took part:

Individual Prize: Lalruattluanga and Lily Lalenkawli Sailo won Consolation Prizes in the Essay Writing competition and received cash of Rs.1000 and a citation.

Club Prize: In the overall state-level competition, the Club won 8th position / Consolation with a cash Prize of Rs 2000 and a citation.

Two-Day Sports (Class V to Class X)

The first two days of school sports concluded today for the older classes at Luangmual field. Yellow house are in the lead so far!

One-Day Sports (KG I to Class IV)

After a premature rainy season, the sun finally came out in time for the first sports days here at Divine Intervention School. On the 27th and 28th April most of the classes headed to the Luangmual Field to play all kinds of sports representing their house colours. Meanwhile, on Thursday morning, the primary classes (KG I to Class IV) stayed at the school and played outdoor games.

Energy Club Poster Competition

Last week the Energy Club at Divine Intervention School, led by Miss Chhanpuii, ran a poster competition. The handiwork of the Class IX students can be seen displayed on the main steps of the school. This morning the winner was announced to be C. Lalthlansanga, who was awarded a prize during the morning devotion.

The coming week will be busy for all the participants as they will be completing their energy audits for their own localities and submitting them to the Club. They have also been taking part in an inter-school essay-writing competition. We are very proud of the club and their hard work.

Green House wins Quiz Competition 2017

The annual DIS Quiz Competition was held on 15th February 2017. It was hosted by Miss Tetei and Sir LSa (Maths teachers) and adjudicated by Miss Manuni (English teacher) and Miss Chhanpuii (Maths teacher). Thanks to the hard work of Sir Hlutea (Physics teacher), the questions were presented in a captivating interactive format which recreated the atmosphere of a television game show.

Two participants each drawn from Class VI and above represented their respective houses in the first two rounds, which included multiple choice questions on a wide range of subjects including geography, history and English grammar. The rest of the students also got a chance to participate throughout the competition. The selection of finalists came down to several tie-breakers, due to the impressively high standard of the participants.

The final four teams for the final round were yellow, green and two red teams, since blue had been eliminated in the earlier rounds. The final results were as follow:

  1. Green house
  2. Red house
  3. Red house
  4. Yellow house

Congratulations to everyone involved. Let’s hope the competition serves to spark everyone’s minds as they prepare for their final exams next week.

1st DIS Elocution Competition

On Friday, 2nd February, DIS passed a landmark moment by holding our first ever elocution competition. Under the dedicated leadership of Miss Olivia (Class I and Spoken English teacher) and Miss Jenny (KG I and English teacher), two students each from Class IV to Class IX took to the stage to recite poems in front of the rest of the school students and staff.

Class IV and Class V competed against each other with the poem Leisure by WH Davies. Class VI and Class VII prepared the poem Home they brought her warrior dead by Alfred Lord Tennyson. Class VIII and Class IX prepared O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman. Their recitations were judged on a wide range of criteria from enunciation to modulation of voice by a panel composed of Miss Tpi (Class III teacher), Dr Joanna (English and Music teacher) and Miss Tetei (Maths teacher).

All the participants did exceptionally well, and the results were as follow:

Class IV and Class V

  1. Lawmzeli (Class IV)
  2. T Lalnunkima (Class V)
  3. Lalhruaizeli (Class IV)

Class VI and Class VII

  1. Angela N Lalremsiami (Class VI)
  2. Lalhruaisangi (Class VI) and T Lalrinfeli (Class VII)
  3. Kylie Lalruatfeli (Class VII)

Class VIII and Class IX

  1. Lalrinngheti Sonset (Class VIII)
  2. Nancy Lalrinchhani (Class VIII)
  3. Maggie Lalruatsaki (Class IX)

It was an excellent event and a great achievement for the school and everyone involved.

2nd DIS Extempore Speech Competition

The second extempore speech competition to be held at Divine Intervention School took place on Monday, 5th February. The middle and upper school classes gathered in the hall to cheer on their classmates. There were two representatives from each class from Class IV to Class IX.

From topics such as ‘My favourite cartoon character’ and ‘My best friend,’ to ‘If I were Prime Minister,’ each participant bravely took the stage for up to two minutes. Nerves were often on display, but others succeeded in captivating their audience with entertaining speeches.

Class IV and Class V, Class VI and Class VII and Class VIII and Class IX went head-to-head against each other. There were three winners from the three pairs of classes. The results were as follow:

Class IV and Class V

  1. J Lalrintluangi (V)
  2. Lalruatpuii (IV)
  3. Raymond Lalbiaksanga (V)

Class VI and Class VII

  1. Maurice Malsawmsanga (VI)
  2. Jeremy Lalhruaitluanga (VII)
  3. Laldinfeli (VII)

Class VIII and Class IX

  1. Lalnunpuia (VIII)
  2. Vanlalhlua (IX)
  3. Caleb Lalramchhuana (VIII)

Our heartiest congratulations to all the winners and participants. The competition was organised by Miss Olivia (Class I and Spoken English teacher) and Miss Jenny (KG I and English teacher), with an expert judges’ panel comprised of Miss Babie and Miss Manuni, both English teachers from the middle and upper school sections. The Principal, R Zochhawna, also made a short address. We are grateful to all who were involved in making the competition a success.

Class IX badminton star to represent Mizoram at National Competition

Lalruattluanga of Class IX has been a student at Divine Intervention School for several years, during which he has become a promising young star as a badminton player. His latest achievement is to have been selected by the Mizoram State Sports Council to represent the state at the Khelo India National Competition which will be held in Hyderabad from 11th to 16th February 2017. We wish him all the best and can’t wait to hear more good news of success when he returns.