Christmas Donations 2017

The students of Divine Intervention School excelled themselves last year by bringing generous donations of money and clothes to be given to charity at Christmas. 

The money was given to Operation Kingdom Ministry rehabilitation home whose leaders visited the school last December. 

The clothes were distributed by the MHIP to all the neediest villagers of Bungtlang Vengsang in the first week of January 2018. 

We trust that many families and children will have been blessed by the kindness of our students and are thankful that God has enabled us to maintain this period of giving as an annual tradition.

Christmas at DIS Hostel

Every year, our hostellers look forward to the Christmas season, not just for the chance to go home but also for the precious memories that will be formed at the hostel. This year was no exception, and just before we reached December, the campus was already glowing with beautiful lights that only the hostellers get to enjoy after darkness falls each night.

On the 2nd December, we enjoyed our annual Advent programme at the hostel, which for the past few years has consisted of a candlelit variety show, a candlelit dinner and a bonfire. The kids worked very hard and everything was a great and memorable success. They were also excited to see former wardens Joe and Gabriel, who came to join in the fun.

A few videos from this occasion can be viewed on our school Youtube account:

The next day, the entire hostel along with the principal and his family attended the Advent ‘Christmas Carol’ programme organised by the Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship (LEFI) at the YMA Hall in Khatla. We were thankful to Pastor Emmanuel for inviting us. The whole event was very enjoyable and we were especially proud of our hostellers for their two items, including a beautiful nativity play and a choir performance.

Class X hostellers remain a little longer than the others due to their exams. This gave them the chance to experience an entirely new worship context, thanks to the kind invitation of Pastor Emmanuel again. They attended a special multilingual and multicultural Christmas service at the compound of the Headquarters of the 23rd Sector of the Assam Rifles (Khatla) and once again presented a special item. Our teacher, Miss Manuni (C Lalnunpuii) also sang at both of Pastor Emmanuel’s events. It was a great honour to be invited to spend time with them.

The little church on the compound was started by Pastor Emmanuel himself and has grown over the past few years after he first started with an informal fellowship of about five Christians. It is a privilege to be part of his ministry and we are also thankful for the tokens of appreciation and expressions of hospitality through lunch that he extended to us on both occasions.

2017 has been a year to remember, and we sincerely wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Christmas Vacation Circular

School has now closed for KGI up to Class IX. There will be a one month vacation. Class X students will finish on the 15th December.

As advised in the circular issued to all students, we will resume classes on the 10th January 2018. All hostellers are expected to return to the hostel at 6:00 pm on the 9th January.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Christmas Donations distributed by MHIP in Chhipphir

For the first time this year, Divine Intervention School invited everyone to bring donations of clothes to the school for distribution to those in need this Christmas. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of so many children from all classes, and ended up with several large bales of lovely gifts. After much consideration and prayer, especially since this is the first year of such an initiative, it was decided that the donations would be brought to Chhipphir where many families struggle to provide new gifts to their children at Christmas.

For this reason, our principal, R. Zochhawna, visited Chhipphir on 13 December and entrusted the donations to the local MHIP. They were so happy to receive them since they had been unable to fulfil their wish of providing for such families this year. They carefully identified the families most in need in the village, and on 16 and 17 December they were able to distribute gifts to over 100 families. Chhipphir YMA also expressed their heartfelt thanks to everyone at DIS who generously donated.

Let’s continue to be a blessing in 2017…

Candlelight Dinner and Celebration

On Saturday, 3 December 2016, the hostellers celebrated Christmas again in grand style with what has now become the traditional candlelight programme and dinner followed by a bonfire. After a solemn inauguration featuring a beautiful candle dance and a devotional message from our chaplain Sir Asiama, a programme of lively entertainment and dance followed, put on entirely by the hostellers themselves. After a cosy candlelit dinner, an impressive bonfire was lit in the courtyard and the festive singing and dancing went on into the night. It was a pleasure to be joined by some other teachers and also some graduated students who couldn’t resist coming back for another year of DIS celebrations. We are sure that our hostellers are making memories here that they will treasure forever.

Advent Christmas Celebration

On Friday, 2 December, all of us at Divine Intervention School enjoyed a celebration to mark Advent before breaking up for the Christmas Vacation. Class I teacher Miss Olivia ably led the programme, which included singing, dance, drama, a short message from Dr. Joanna and a solo from Miss Manuni. After an entertaining gift-exchange between everyone present, we all enjoyed refreshments together.