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NEW: Online Fee Payment

Online Fee Payment with SBI Collect is now possible at Divine Intervention School.

Day Scholar and Hostel Fees as well as Transport Fees can now be paid online.

Click here to go to the SBI Collect Page. You can only pay for the present month, and late fees will be automatically charged from the third week of the month. If the month has elapsed, please pay immediately at the school office.

Instructions: PDF File or MS Word

Please contact us immediately if you have any problems. Please be aware that we have also started a card payment facility at the school. You can pay fees and other costs such as stationery and uniform by any credit or debit card if you come in person to the school office during office hours.

Monsoon Vacation Announcement

The monsoon vacation will last from 22 July 2017 to 8 August 2017. On 8 August, teachers and staff will have an Orientation Day. Classes will resume on 9 August.

Hostellers are requested to return to the hostel on the evening of 8 August 2017. They must arrive between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., otherwise they will face a fine.

We wish everyone a happy and productive vacation.

Solo Competition 2017

Today we enjoyed the final of the DIS Solo Competition 2017. This has been organised by Sir LSa and both Miss Manunis. Miss Maliani and Miss Joanna served as additional judges and Maggie (Class X) did a great job as host. The winners will get a chance to sing in Vanapa Hall on the school Foundation Day celebration later this year.

Middle School

  1. Vanlalhruaizeli (Class VII)
  2. Wendy Lalchhanhimi (Class VIII)
  3. Faith Vanlalhlimpuii (Class V)

High School

  1. RK Ramdinpuia (Class IX A)
  2. Solomon Lalruatfela Khiangte (Class X)
  3. Gershom Laltanpuia (Class IX B)

Hostel Parents’ Visiting Day and Meeting

Parents and guardians of our hostellers get to visit the school on the second Saturday of every month during the semesters. It is always a happy day of reunion and an array of good food is always available to enjoy. Today we also had a very beneficial time meeting together in the main hall. All the wardens, the nurse, the study supervisor and the principal were able to share matters of importance and general questions were addressed from the parents and guardians. This will be the last visiting day until after the monsoon vacation.

1st Unit Prizegiving

In morning devotion today, prizes were awarded the students from each class who achieved the best results in their first unit exams. We are very proud of them all.

Bible Distribution by Gideons International

A team from the Aizawl South branch of Gideons International visited the school this morning to distribute free copies of the New Testament and Psalms in English to every student and member of staff. We were given a brief history of the ministry and an outline of its current organisational status in India. With a recent target to have a Bible in ‘every hand’ in the world by 2020, they reinforced the important role that Mizoram can play in ensuring the Bible can be printed and distributed in the Bru and Chakma languages.

Exciting New Tools for Teaching

KGI to Class I and beyond will soon be putting some exciting new tools to use in their classrooms. We have recently invested in a range of innovative resources from Grolier, designed to improve young children’s reasoning skills and spoken English.

Rohini Balraj, Mizoram’s new regional sales manager and education consultant for Grolier, kindly visited the school and spent an afternoon with the teachers and assistants, helping them to familiarise themselves with the resources. Among other tools, these include Logico Primo boards which are tactile tools for developing problem-solving ability, and Talking English books, which can be read aloud using an interactive pen.

We are excited to start using these resources amongst our youngest children, to give them a great start in their educational journey. We are also proud to be leading the way among schools in Mizoram, always seeking to provide the most up-to-date resources suitable for our local context.


Crusade with Zorina Pautu

Zorina Pautu returned to Divine Intervention School for a whole weekend of praise and worship. From Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon, he conducted a crusade which was refreshing for all the students and staff, joined by many different musicians, singers and friends. Every programme had a different mix of short talks, singing, dancing, solos and dramas. Zorina Pautu has been based in Mumbai but will shortly be moving to Indore with his family to start a new chapter in his ministry life.

Divine Intervention School is very blessed to be able to invite such a range of visitors to the school to speak with the students. Since the academic session began we have had a special guest almost every week, including Debz Whybrew from the UK who recently spent three months in Lunglei, as well as a team from Nagaland and Manipur.


Graduation 2017

We welcomed back the passed-out students yesterday on Thursday, 12th May, for their graduation ceremony. We are so proud of their success, which included a high proportion of distinction marks than ever before. Prizes and certificates were awarded to all the students, not only for their recent HSLC results but also for their extra-curricular achievements.

The ceremony was hosted by Miss Chhanpuii, Miss Babie and Sir LS-a, with speeches given by the Principal and the highest-scoring student, Saithangliana. It was followed by light refreshments in the Principal’s residence.

HSLC Results 2016-2017

Today we are celebrating yet another year of outstanding results in the HSLC exams taken by our recently passed-out Class X students. 46 students appeared for the exams and 45 passed. Full results are listed at the website. Our own school results are below:


Lalnundami (L in SS)
Lalrempuii Thlauhthang (L in SS, Mz)
Remsangkimi (L in E, SS, Mz)
J Lalthlanawma (L in SS)
Lalremruata (L in M, Sc, SS, Mz)
Lalremtluanga Ralte (L in E, M)
Lalrinngheta Sailo (L in E, M, SS)
Malsawmhlua (L in M, SS, Mz)
PL Lalremmawia (L in M, SS)
Saithangliana (L in E, M, SS, Sc, Mz)
Timothy Lalhruaitluanga Zadeng (L in M, SS)
Vanlalawmpuia (L in SS, Mz)
Zarzokima (L in M, Sc, SS, Mz)


Angela Beinonairili Chhachhai
Bishaka Tongchangya
Elemi C Lalthanpari
Esther Lalngaihzuali
Evelyn Marapawno
F Lalbiaksangi
Jashmi Talukdar
Jemimah Vanlalruatdiki (L in SS)
P Lalruatpuii
Rachel Ktchhithai
Ruth Zohmingsangi
C Lalramhluna (L in Mz)
Fredy Zoramchhana
Lalduhtluanga Renthlei
Laltanpuia Hnamte
PB Ramdinthara (L in M, SS)
Samuel Lalremruata Sailo
Vanlalfaka Mangchin


Baby Lalrinpuii
Mandy C Hmingthansangi
R Lalhmangaihthari
C Lalrinzuala
Dennis Zotlangliana
HD Malsawmtluanga
Lalduhawma Chhakchhuak
Lalnunzira Hmar
T Laldinpuia


Malsawmtluangi Pachuau