Divine Intervention School


A Sunday of Bible Trivia

Sundays at the hostel usually consist of an early morning Bible study with Miss Joanna, a mid-morning service with the Principal, Sunday school with the wardens and an afternoon fellowship with special items led by the hostellers.

Today, all these seemed to unexpectedly converge into a Bible trivia fest! In the morning Bible study, the boys received their prize for collecting the most points for Bible knowledge over the past series of weeks. In Sunday School, prizes were also distributed following their Bible memory exam held last month. In the afternoon fellowship, our warden Sir Jehova led a very good Bible quiz. The ‘Mark’ group were the winners and they will receive their prizes next week.


New YouTube Account

We recently found that there is a growing number of videos on YouTube made by students, ex-students and visitors to the school. In order to bring all these videos together in playlists for anyone interested in our school, we have created a new YouTube account. We may upload our own videos in the future, so be sure to like and subscribe to the channel! There is also a link to the channel at the top our website homepage.

A Weekend with Pi Mahmingtei

This Saturday and Sunday, the hostellers were visited by evangelist Pi Mahmingteii and several of her friends. They led a total of four worship sessions which involved a wide range of different kinds of preaching, singing and prayer. The children were inspired to sing by themselves long into the night!


Legal Awareness Campaign

“Ignorance of the law excuses not.” In the spirit of such a principle, we were most fortunate to have a visit from members of Govt. Mizoram Law College today. They presented an awareness programme about cybercrime and child sexual offences (POCSO Act) sponsored by Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA). It was highly relevant to the lives of the Class III to Class X students.

Participants included the principal Dr Rualkhuma Colney, Hmingthanpuii Ralte, Rebecca Lalrindiki and Zoparliani Khiangte. They also distributed refreshments; a welcome gesture on such a hot day!

Visit from George Ebenezer

George Ebenezer is an internationally-renowned youth and children’s minister. We were honoured as a school to have him take time out of his busy schedule in Northeast India to visit us for the afternoon, in collaboration with members of Breakthrough Ministries who have visited us several times as part of the LiveJam Tour. They were also accompanied by Pastor Emmanuel from Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship, a friend of our school. Through highly engaging talks, songs, dance and puppetry, George and the team brought a powerful message of preciousness and self-worth to the children.

George Ebenezer is the founder of Beyond Barriers, an organisation for ’empowering kids and teens’ through workshops for young people as well as meaningful training workshops for youth and children’s workers. A two-day workshop was held just this week at Folkland Park, Aizawl. Much of his ministry is born out of his incredible childhood experiences in which he faced the worst possible forms of abuse and poverty before encountering the saving power of Jesus. He and his wife have adopted nine children, many of whom have come from abusive backgrounds themselves.

Teachers’ Day 2017

Today, all the students at Divine Intervention School put on a spectacular Teachers’ Day event. From a red carpet and photoshoot, to a series of dazzling performances; from creative gifts to generous refreshments, all the teachers, teaching assistants, staff and leaders were honoured and made to feel like real VIP’s for the day. Congratulations to everyone that took part and spent days in preparation; the effort paid off!

Hostellers attend LEFI Youth Retreat

On Sunday 3rd September, all the hostellers attended the one day Youth Retreat held at the Synod Conference Centre. It was organised by the Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship, Aizawl and featured speakers from other parts of India. The boys and girls also participated through special items. They seem to have had a wonderful time.

KGI Teacher Miss Jenny leads Team India at World Cosplay Summit in Japan

Jenny Lalawmpuii (Miss Jenny) is our enthusiastic KGI teacher, but is also one of the most prominent Cosplay participants in Mizoram, stemming from several years she previously spent living in Japan. Some of our youngest students have even gained an appreciation for Japanese children’s songs and basic Japanese phrases.

Following India’s main Cosplay event, Fantasy Realm 2016 held in Aizawl, Miss Jenny was invited to lead ‘Team India’ to Japan to participate in the World Cosplay Summit 2017 in Nagoya. The team consisted of a youthful pair of India’s best Cosplay artists from Arunachal Pradesh.

In addition to this prestigious event, the team were guided to participate in a range of other events, exhibitions and seminar presentations. We congratulate the team on their successful trip and are proud of Miss Jenny for her achievements.

Pastor Emmanuel visits from LEFI and Bethany Leprosy Colony

Pastor Emmanuel and his energetic team drawn from various parts of Northeast India have long been favourites among the students at Divine Intervention School. From leading devotions and fellowships, to holding retreats in the city attended by our hostellers, their ministry has had a great impact in the school. Under the umbrella of the Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship International, they work among young people and students throughout Aizawl.

After leading devotion last week, Pastor Emmanuel returned alone today to share on behalf of another ministry close to his heart. Ever since his grandfather was involved in its founding, he and his family have been actively supportive of the Bethany Colony Leprosy Association in Andhra Pradesh. For several decades, this colony has provided a safe haven for leprosy patients and their children and grandchildren who would otherwise be ostracised by society, especially since India was erroneously declared leprosy-free in 2005. Pastor Emmanuel shared about a recent visit made to the colony by leaders of the Leprosy Mission branch of Mizoram.

Despite the positive social environment offered by the colony, most still have to survive by begging, and the school and hospital facilities struggle to function without trained staff and adequate supplies. In order to meet the needs of the people, the colony established a tailoring centre called Bethany Weaves. Patients and their relatives work hard to craft good quality bags and textiles which are sold to raise funds to support the patients. More details about Bethany Weaves and how to purchase the bags can be found here and here.


Sex Education Awareness Programme

Mizoram is a State that struggles with a high rate of HIV/AIDS incidences. As such, it is the responsibility of every school to ensure its young people are well-informed.

We were fortunate to have an excellent team of visitors today representing CARE – World Vision India and Living Hope Ministry, including Lalchuanzuali (CZ) Ralte who shared her testimony and personal experiences. Through participatory activities, they explained to Class V – X the important aspects of HIV and AIDS. They also promoted awareness about basic reproductive health pertinent to teenagers going through puberty.

It was an excellent programme and the kids also appreciated the distribution of Waiwai and juice!