Pocket Study: New Revision App

We are excited to announce the release of a second app called Pocket Study. This app is designed especially for exam revision. Like the other app, it is made by My Class Campus.

The app does not give any school information or homework unlike the main school app, but it is a digital library of all the materials, videos and notes which have been created by the teachers for each subject, lesson and topic. Audio flashcards are also being created. Students can also create their own materials for their private use. It is like the Material Store of the main app but easier for students to use by themselves.

It is not compulsory to download the app at this stage but interested students may enjoy using it.

Android app

iOS app

HSLC Results 2019-2020

We are celebrating yet another year of outstanding results in the HSLC exams taken by our recently passed-out Class X students. 45 students appeared for the exams and 43 passed. Our school results are below:


Jenny Vanlalnunpuii (L in M, Sc, SS, Mz)
Jeremy Lalhruaitluanga (L in S, SS)
Jesse Rosangzuala (L in M, SS, Mz)
K Lalhruaitluangi (L in S, SS, Mz)
Kevin Lalremruata (L in S, SS)
Malsawmzuala Khiangte (L in E, M, Sc, SS, Mz)
Mika TT Beinghachha (L in M, Sc, SS, Mz)
PB Vanlalduhawma (L in SS)
Vanlalsangkimi Pachuau (L in Sc, SS, Mz)


Abigail Lalrammawii
Alan Lalthanfela (L in SS)
C Malsawmtluangi
C Vanlalhriata
David C Lalruatfela
Elena Vanlalduati
Hmingchungnung Imanuela
M Hudson Marasa
Innocent Vanlaltanpuia
Justin Beiphapaki
Lisa Vanlalhriatpuii
Rebek Vanlalzirtiri (L in Mz)
Stacy Lalzawmpuii (L in Mz)
V Duhkima
Wendy Lalchhanhimi


Christie Lalthazuali
Dorothy Lalhriatpuii
PL Lalnunmawii
Ruth Pratigya Lalrinawmi Hnamler
T Lalduhkima

Release of MBSE HSLC results 2020

We are delighted to learn that the COVID-19 lockdown has not severely delayed the compilation of HSLC results for the MBSE.

Results will be declared on May 13th but must be obtained either through the website or through telecommunication. See the notification for more details.

A Busy School during Lockdown

Everything might seem quiet while the lockdown continues, but the reality is that our school community has been just as busy, if not more busy, than normal.

Thanks to our new school app, our students are being kept busy with plenty of work. Their parents and guardians are busy helping them and quickly learning to cope with the new technology. The teachers have all their books at home and are trying to offer the best they can in a difficult situation. They are typing notes and preparing their own resources which will be useful not just now but for future revision even in the years to come. Meanwhile, several of them have children of their own who are also receiving homework. 

There are now eight of us living in the school building. As time has gone on we have been allowed to welcome some of our neighbouring workers to come and help us in our maintenance projects. The pictures in this post give just a small glimpse of what we have been busy with.

We have been busy refreshing the paintwork both inside and outside the classrooms, we have completely transformed the stage in the main hall, the sound system has been fully updated, a brand new prayer room has been established and the hostel kitchen has been refurbished and even provided with a herb garden. We have also worked hard to ensure every family has had a chance to buy books, get the correct resources and use the app to its full advantage, always on call to respond to queries.

In many ways life has gone on as normal, as we seek to be a blessing to our local community and especially the most needy families, while making sure we comply with all the restrictions currently in place. All our students’ families are in our prayers, and we thank you for praying for us at this time.

Competitions during Lockdown

Another good way to occupy the time during the Lockdown is to participate in creative competitions. This page will be updated with any competitions that we are informed about.

Creative Writing

Korea-India Essay Competition (Deadline 18th August)

Scholastic Writing Award (Submission open 1st April – 30th June)

Art and Music

Canvas Kids Online Talent Olympiad (Competition changes every 2 weeks)

ABRSM Commonwealth Composition Challenge (Submission deadline 1st July)

Pastor Emmanuel’s Lockdown Ministry

Pastor Emmanuel and his family and team from Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship India (LEFI) are regular visitors to our school. Our hostellers are always invited to attend and participate in their gatherings. They are faithful prayer partners and we are thankful that they have taken up our students as one of their daily prayer burdens.

During the Lockdown they are making several ministries available online:

Official LEFI sermons also available in Mizo translation (latest video here)

Sunday worship by Pastor Emmanuel (Link changes weekly, contact for latest)

Sunday school for children by Pastor Emmanuel’s daughters and team members (Link changes weekly, contact for latest)

Live VBS (Children’s Bible Study) through video link every weekday 8:30-10 am (only one week remaining from Monday 27 April)

National Lockdown Action Plan

During the National Lockdown we are planning to continue offering education from the 8th April, which would have been our session start date.

Even though we are not able to re-open, we will use My Class Campus to send simple activities to do at home. For the best experience, parents must try to download the app. Otherwise, they will receive information by SMS.

We also have a revision app called Pocket Study which we hope students will enjoy using by themselves.

There are other digital learning options available. Many of the textbooks we use have interactive features that can be explored online or through apps made by the publishers. These are not connected with the school but may be explored at your discretion.

Regular information will be provided primarily by the app and SMS, through Whatsapp and on the website and Twitter.

See also:

Digital Learning Options

During the National Lockdown, we are aware that parents are concerned for the education of their children. We will be using the My Class Campus system to send homework home. We also have a second revision app especially for storing all the materials according to subject and chapter. In addition to this, there are many other materials available. They are not part of our school, so they must be used at your own discretion.

Digitized Textbooks – Check the publisher of your books before downloading

Cambridge (KGI-II only): AndroidiOS

Oxford: AndroidiOS

MBSE (Mizo I-VIII): WebsiteAndroid

MacMillan: Website – not app

Ratna Sagar: Android

Jay Cee: Website – not app

Orient Blackswan: Android

Viva: Website (Individual books also available on Android and iOS)

Other Free Digital Materials

Scholastic: Website

Extra Marks: AndroidiOS Free for 75 days using our school discount code GTS-NE0284

My Class Campus

From the 2020-2021 session we are proud to be powered by My Class Campus!

This school management system includes two mobile applications and a website which will be used for:

  • Recording homework
  • Taking attendance
  • Organising tests, exams and results
  • Maintaining a calendar
  • Communication and sending circulars
  • Maintaining a routine
  • Bus tracking with GPS
  • Online fee payment

All parents are requested to download the app to gain the full benefit of the system. Those who are unable to download the app will receive important information via SMS.

Android My Class Campus App

iOS My Class Campus App (iPhone users)

Website (suitable for fee payment but not for homework/information)

The second app called Pocket Study is for exam revision purposes. We hope students will enjoy using it by themselves:

Android Pocket Study app

iOS Pocket Study app