Divine Intervention School



Crusade with Zorina Pautu

After a wonderful weekend was spent here last year before starting his new ministry in Madhya Pradesh, Zorina Pautu returned to spend another weekend with us from the 18th-21st May.

Bringing different guests to accompany him every day, he blessed us and especially the hostellers with a programme of lively worship and accessible teaching on the theme of faith.

A video from his last visit is on Youtube.


Energy Club 2018-2019

Today the Energy Club was relaunched with a special seminar attended by the middle and high school students. Miss Chhanpuii is in charge again and a group of students has been selected from Class VIII to take part in the activities. As a result of the club’s past activities, we have received a gift of energy efficient bulbs and a ceiling fan for the school. Watch this space to find out what they will be doing this year!

Parents-Teachers Meetings

As the 2018-2019 academic session has got off to a great start, we have been holding series of meetings for parents to provide important information. On 27th April, a meeting was held for the parents of children from KGI to Class IV. On 11th May, which was the first hostel visiting day of the year, another meeting was held for all hostel parents.

A meeting for middle school parents will be held in a few weeks’ time. Due to unforeseen circumstances the meeting on the 18th May has been cancelled.

In these meetings, parents are particularly reminded that online payment is now possible, and card payment is also possible at the school office. We encourage all parents to try to use these cashless methods of payment.

HSLC Results 2017-2018

We are celebrating yet another year of outstanding results in the HSLC exams taken by our recently passed-out Class X students. 53 students appeared for the exams and 52 passed. Full results are listed at the website. Our own school results are below:


H Lalremruatipuii (L in E)
Josephine Lalramchangi Fanai (L in E, M, SS, Mz)
Lalfanzovi (L in E, M)
Lalhruaitluangi (L in E)
M Beihniarili (L in E, M, Sc, SS, Mz)
C Zoliantluanga (L in M)
Isaac Lalremruata (L in E, Mz)
K Lalruatkima (L in E, M)
Lalremzuala (L in E, Sc, SS)
Laltlansanga Chhunthang (L in E, M, Sc, SS)
Solomon Lalruatfela Khiangte (L in E)
SR Lalfakawma (L in E, M)


C Vanlalrinpuii (L in E)
Elison K Lalchuansangi
Judith Dingo Lalhruaizeli Zasai
K Lalrindiki (L in Mz)
Lalhlupuii (L in E)
Lalmuanpuii (L in E)
Lawmsangzuali Thangtu (L in E)
Lily Lalenkawli Sailo
Maggie Lalruatsaki (L in E)
Nomrata Chakma (L in E)
R Lalrammuansangi (L in E)
Rebecca Lalhmangaihzuali
J Zothanmawia (L in M, Mz)
Jerome Beikypacha
Joseph Remruatsanga (L in E)
Lalmuanpuia Chhangte
Lalremruata Fanai
Reuben Lalmuanpuia
Thoummalsawma Gangte


Baby Lalremruati
Christina Zodinpuii
Malsawmzuali Fanchun
Maria C Laldingngheti
Michelle Malsawmzuali
PC Vanlalhruaitluangi
Saitluangpuii Sailo
A Elvis Tongtongya
Amoza Khaichha
Cedric Lalhmingliana
John Lalmalsawma
Mark Rozarlien Ruolngul
VL Malsawma Zongte



End of Year Announcements

We have now reached the end of the 2017-2018 session. Here are some announcements for the month ahead:

1. Results will be released on 5th March, between 9am and 11am. All dues must be paid in full before collecting the report cards.

2. School re-opens on the 11th April. Hostellers must arrive on the evening of the 10th.

3. Class IX admission is still open and an entrance exam will be conducted soon for new applicants. Please enquire at the earliest.

Global Hymn Sing 2018

For the second year running, hostellers at Divine Intervention School participated in the Global Hymn Sing organised by OMF International and Keith and Kristen Getty (composers of ‘In Christ Alone’). The song chosen for the 25th February was ‘Jesus shall reign where’er the sun’, with a contemporary new chorus. We sang the song in its Mizo translation (KHB 248), with the chorus in English. It was a very meaningful way to remind ourselves about the importance of mission and serving God wherever we go, especially since it was the last Sunday together of the academic session.

You can watch our video on Youtube.

Basketball Tournament

Final exams started on Wednesday which means the end of the academic session is just around the corner. However, we still had time for the middle and high school students to enjoy a basketball tournament at Govt Complex sports ground on Monday. It was one final chance to release all that pent up energy and to spend time with friends before the long vacation.

Quiz Competition

The Divine Intervention School annual quiz competition was held last Monday. Representatives from each house took part and displayed their knowledge in a vast range of subjects.

The yellow house were victorious, and we thank Sir Hlutea and everyone else who was involved in making it a success.



Visit from Rev Sanga

A few weeks ago, the hostellers were treated to a visit from Rev Sanga, a pastor of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and a well-known singer. He entertained the children with stories and songs, and shared about his new role in establishing a Seventh Day English School in the southern town of Sangau.



Class IX Admission Details

This year Divine Intervention School are specifically welcoming applicants for Class IX for the 2018-2019 session, which commences in April.

An entrance exam will be held in the coming weeks in order to select students for Class IX. For returning students, admission remains as normal and there is no need for an additional exam.

Please approach the school office as soon as possible to apply.