Digital Learning Options

During the National Lockdown, we are aware that parents are concerned for the education of their children. We will be using the My Class Campus system to send homework home. We also have a second revision app especially for storing all the materials according to subject and chapter. In addition to this, there are many other materials available. They are not part of our school, so they must be used at your own discretion.

Digitized Textbooks ā€“ Check the publisher of your books before downloading

Cambridge (KGI-II only): AndroidiOS

Oxford: AndroidiOS

MBSE (Mizo I-VIII): WebsiteAndroid

MacMillan: Website ā€“ not app

Ratna Sagar: Android

Jay Cee: Website ā€“ not app

Orient Blackswan: Android

Viva: Website (Individual books also available on Android and iOS)

Other Free Digital Materials

Scholastic: Website

Extra Marks: AndroidiOS Free for 75 days using our school discount code GTS-NE0284

My Class Campus

From the 2020-2021 session we are proud to be powered by My Class Campus!

This school management system includes two mobile applications and a website which will be used for:

  • Recording homework
  • Taking attendance
  • Organising tests, exams and results
  • Maintaining a calendar
  • Communication and sending circulars
  • Maintaining a routine
  • Bus tracking with GPS
  • Online fee payment

All parents are requested to download the app to gain the full benefit of the system. Those who are unable to download the app will receive important information via SMS.

Android My Class Campus App

iOS My Class Campus App (iPhone users)

Website (suitable for fee payment but not for homework/information)

The second app called Pocket Study is for exam revision purposes. We hope students will enjoy using it by themselves:

Android Pocket Study app

iOS Pocket Study app

VACANCY: Resident Chaplain

We are seeking a new chaplain who can reside in the school as part of the hostel. The candidate should have a theological background and should preferably be competent at leading praise and worship, organising the Sunday School and preaching to the children, as well as offering one-to-one counselling. Excellent command of English is important and we warmly welcome candidates from outside Mizoram. The role with overlap with some of the warden responsibilities.

Salary will include board and lodging. A private room with attached bathroom will be provided.

Contact us for more information.

Admission for KG-I 2020-2021

Admission for KG-I for the 2020-2021 academic session will open on November 13, 2019. Admission will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to any child who has already reached four (4) years of age.

To apply, please approach the school office during school opening hours. Applications must be accompanied by the child’sĀ birth certificate (xerox copy) and a passport-sized photo.

Admission fee: Rs. 500/-
Annual fee: Rs. 5,500/-
Application form and prospectus: Rs. 100/-
TOTAL amount to bring: Rs. 6,100/-

The session fees will be Rs. 1,500/- paid monthly (12 months).

Visit from Zorina Pautu

With just days left before he returns to the mission field, regular favourite Zorina Pautu paid another visit to the school to lead worship and deliver some inspirational teaching. He spent two mornings with the whole school during the devotion time, and also led the afternoon Sunday fellowship with the hostellers. He was accompanied by his family as well as by the well-known singer Lalruatfela Pachuau who gave several solos and also shared some good messages with the children. The students always enjoy Zorina’s ministry and they had the chance to experience worship in Hindi as well as in Mizo and English.


Handwriting Olympiad: First Round

In January 2019 nine students participated in a Handwriting Olympiad through Pentasoft. The certificates were finally able to be distributed today for the first round. Of the nine, five achieved an A grade, and the others achieved B and C. Those with A grade have been invited to proceed to the next round this month.

Special congratulations go to R Lalruatsangi (V) for achieving first position. She received a special certificate and medal.

Ministry Visit from Islary Family

We have been blessed this week with the presence of the Islary family who are based in Gossaigaon, Assam. Mr Islary is Boro, while his wife is Nepali, and together they have had almost two decades of ministry in Nepal, West Bengal and Assam. Now they are settled in Gossaigaon where they run their own parachurch ministry called Divine Repairer Ministry, a place of prayer and healing for all people. Mr Islary is also involved with a local Bible College and is also on the board of the National Christian Council (NCC), representing Assam and taking steps to support persecuted Christians in the region.

They came to visit the school since they had previously worked together with our Principal on the mission field many years ago. They brought their talented young daughter Jemima (18), who inspired the children by demonstrating that young people can also be anointed with gifts of preaching and singing. As a family they had many opportunities during their stay to minister to the school and to a local church through their preaching and singing.

We will remember them in our prayers and hope that their ministry continues to flourish. Their dream is to establish 1) Supporters for their own Divine Repairer Ministry and 2) A Mizoram branch of the NCC, which currently does not have any Mizo representation.


HSLC Results 2018-2019

We are celebrating yet another year of outstanding results in the HSLC exams taken by our recently passed-out Class X students. 60 students appeared for the exams and all 60 passed. Full results are listed at the website. Our own school results are below:


Aakriti Limbu (L in SS)
Lalnunkimi Hmar (L in E, M, Sc, SS, Mz)
Lalrinngheti Sonset (L in E, Sc, SS)
P Liandingpuii (L in E, M, Sc, SS, Mz)
R Laltlanhlui (L in M, SS)
Victory Tongchangya (L in M, Sc, SS)
Biakropuia (L in M, Sc, SS, Mz)
Caleb Lalramchuana (L in M, Sc, SS)
Jordan N Daosa (L in SS)
K Lalrinzuala (L in M, Sc, SS)
Randy VL Hmangaiha (L in M, Sc)
Rochanpuia (L in M, SS)
Steven Lalsangmawia Ralte (L in M, Sc)
Vanlalremkima (L in M, Sc, SS)


Aishai Tongchangya
Christina Lalrinchhani Sailo
Deborah Lalruatpuii (L in SS)
Elizabeth Lalhmangaihzuali (L in E, SS, Mz)
Hannah Lalremruati
Hmingthansangi (L in SS)
K Biaknunpuii (L in SS, Mz)
Lalnunpari (L in Mz)
Lalrempuii Sailo
Nancy Lalrinchhani Renthlei (L in Sc, SS)
Noelle Vanlalvenhimi
S Lalrinhlui
Benhur Doapha Hlychho
Christopher Lalruatpuia
David Malsawmtluanga
Eliazar Lalhrilzela (L in SS)
Eric Hmingthansanga
Gershom Laltanpuia Sailo (L in SS)
Hmingthantluanga (L in Mz)
Holy Lalvenropuia (L in SS)
HS Hmingchhuanmawia (L in SS)
Jacob Vanlalhriatpuia
Malsawmkima (L in M, Sc)
Nathan Lalhruaizela Khupchawng
V Ramluahpuia (L in SS)
Vanlalbiakdika Bawihthlung


Lydia Lalruatpuii
Sylvia Lalrinsangi
D John Albert Tongchangya
Isaac Vanhmingliana
John VL Ruatpuia
Lalmuantluanga Sailo
Lalrinzuala Chhakchhuak
RK Lalramdinpuia


Loisi Hunlawmawmi
M Ruthi