Table-Tennis Bronze for Lalvenpuii

One of our hostellers, Lalvenpuii of Class VIII, is a new rising star in table tennis. Just last week she took part in the Aizawl round of the 11Sports Inter-School Table-Tennis Championships. After playing really well throughout the competition she reached the semi-final. She gave of her best and ended up achieving third position. What a great achievement!


Interschool Basketball Tournament

The 2018 Interschool Basketball Tournament started on the 3rd September and our team has been training hard under the guidance of Sir LSa. Cheered on by their Class X friends, they took part today at Hawla Indoor Stadium, ITI Veng, against Centenary School Dawrpui Church. They were tied throughout the match until the final quarter, losing by just a few points with a respectable final score of 37-46. We are very proud of their hard work and sportsmanship and look forward to seeing them do even better next year.

Scholastic Books

Rather than a Book Fair, this year we participated in the Scholastic Book Club scheme. A great number of students from KGI to Class VI ordered all kinds of books, from educational resources to entertaining fiction and activity books. The orders arrived today, much to the delight of the children.

We are also fortunate to have been able to order some new books for the library, courtesy of the Scholastic scheme. We took the chance to add some Hindi and Phonics resources.


INTACH Heritage Quiz

We are proud of the 54 middle and high school students who took part in the Aizawl city round of the national INTACH Heritage Quiz 2018 organised by INTACH and the School Education Dept. They were guided by Sir Hlutea, Miss Chhanpuii and Sir Zothana. All the participants were given a participation certificate.

Teachers’ Day 2018

In keeping with tradition, Teachers’ Day was spent very happily on the 5th September, with an entertaining programme organised entirely by the students under the leadership of the prefects. They put on an impressive display with a variety of dance, drama and other performances from every class.

All teachers and staff also received generous gifts and were very blessed by the show of appreciation given by the students.

New Fee Payment Category

We have made a small but significant addition to the Online Fee Payment with SBI Collect. You can now select the new category ‘Miscellaneous’ in order to pay any other fee or amount. This might include stationery, especially for parents of hostellers for example.

To use this option, please enter the amount that needs to be paid and write a Remark to explain what the payment is for. Late fees still apply to this category in the last two weeks of every month.

New Table Tennis Initiative

As reported in the Vanglaini newspaper today (20th August), we are very honoured to have been selected by the Mizoram Table Tennis Association to participate in a new initiative to promote the sport in Mizoram.

Following an agreement made on Saturday, during which a new table-tennis table was presented in the presence of the hostellers, we have entered into a 2-year contract during which the MTTA will provide coaching to interested students with a view to producing talented players who might be able to represent their school, state and country in future competitions.

This is a great opportunity for the school and the students and we thank the MTTA for considering us to be suitable candidates to start this project.

Visit from Upa Hrangdawna

Upa Hrangdawna of Cherhlun visited a week ago, hoping to renew his acquaintance with our Principal after they briefly met and worked together in 1981. Having heard about the establishment of the school, he has regularly prayed for us.

After last week’s reunion he was very happy to be given the chance to speak to the students today. He delivered an inspiring message during Morning Devotion.

We thank him for his continued prayer support and wish him a safe journey home.

Visit from Vanlalsailova

The entire school was very excited last weekend to receive a visit from Vanlalsailova. Following a one-off visit he made earlier in the year, he returned for a four-day crusade programme. He spent two afternoons with the whole school, and on Saturday and Sunday the hostellers were treated to two evenings with him.

He preached engaging and biblical messages, sharing from his entertaining experiences around the world, and challenged the students to live a life that puts Jesus first. He also sang several of his best-loved songs, to the delight of the students and other school workers who came especially to see him perform. Other students and staff also had a chance to perform solos.

Updated Website

This is an acknowledgement that, with great regret, the website and social media accounts of the school have not been well-maintained in this academic session due to various reasons.

As the session resumes after the Monsoon Vacation, we are happy to present the new updated website. The design is intended to be easier to be viewed on mobile devices, since we know that very few people are using PC desktops regularly these days.

Please bear with us as small design amendments and photo updates still need to be made, and the social media accounts also require updating. Keep checking back for the latest information.