Admission for 2021-2022 is now OPEN. Enquiries are welcome from new and old students for all classes.

Download important documents including Prospectus

Fee Structure for 2021-2022 (*Admission is reduced by Rs. 500 for existing students):

KGI – Class V: Admission Rs. 6,500 + Session Fee Rs. 24,000 (paid in instalments)

Class VI – Class X: Admission Rs. 7,000 + Session Fee Rs. 24,000 (paid in instalments)

Hostel (in addition to the basic fees stated above): Admission Rs. 6,000 + Annual Fee Rs. 60,000 (paid in instalments)

A limited number of scholarships are available to students who face financial hardship or who show exceptional abilities in their studies. Please enquire at the school office or contact the Principal directly.

KGI and New Admission:

Parents seeking admission for KGI or new-comers should come to the school office during working hours and bring a passport-size photo and a Xerox copy of the child’s birth certificate. Students older than KGI must bring their most recent report card and/or evidence that they have been continuing with their studies during the past year.

Admission for Existing Students:

Check the school app to find out how you can take admission online. You can also take admission at the school office. Students are welcome to repeat the year if they have not made enough progress this year due to the pandemic. Promotion will only be approved for students who pass their final exams and the school reserves the right to refuse promotion or admission. Students intending to repeat may apply for admission in the same class again.

2020-2021 HSLC results

The school has about 500 day scholars and 100 hostellers each year. Select a School Section for more details:

Primary School (KGI to Class IV)

Middle School (Class V to Class VIII)

High School (Class IX to Class X)

Please contact us for more details about the 2021 admissions which are now open. To view the latest prospectus online, please click here.