NEW: Online Fee Payment

April 2020 Update: We are no longer using SBI Collect. Please login to the My Class Campus mobile application or the website to pay fees online.

My Class Campus Login for Parents, Students and Teachers

Online Fee Payment with SBI Collect is now possible at Divine Intervention School.

Day Scholar and Hostel Fees as well as Transport Fees can now be paid online. Any other fees such as stationery can also be paid by selecting the ‘Miscellaneous’ option.

Click here to go to the SBI Collect Page

You can only pay for the present month, and late fees will be automatically charged from the third week of the month. If the month has elapsed, please pay immediately at the school office.

Instructions: PDF File or MS Word

Please contact us immediately if you have any problems. Please be aware that we have also started a card payment facility at the school. You can pay fees and other costs such as stationery and uniform by any credit or debit card if you come in person to the school office during office hours.