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Energy Club

With the knowledge for the need of conservation of energy, the Central Government has enforced the Energy Conservation Act 2001, which is under the guidance of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power. For further activities and action, the BEE informed all the concerned departments in each state of India to establish the State Designated Agency (SDA) and these SDAs are the main force for taking action for the conservation of energy.

In Mizoram, the State Designated Agency, under the Chief Electrical Inspectorate, Power and Electric Department, was established in February 2008. The main work of the SDA is to put the aims and objectives of the BEE and the Energy Conservation Act 2001 into action.

The SDA have taken different measures to achieve the conservation of energy. One of the most effective measures taken out by the SDA is the establishment of Energy Clubs in schools. The SDA selected 70 schools of Aizawl District to establish the Energy Clubs. Out of these 70 schools, 67 schools responded to the invitation and therefore Energy Clubs were established in 67 schools of Aizawl District. The Energy Club members carry out different activities and competitions regarding the conservation of Energy. As per the guidelines provided by the SDA, the Energy Club members should be the students of Class-IX.

Our school was also selected to run an Energy Club. These were the members of the Energy Club, 2016-2017:

  1. Josephine Lalramchangi Fanai
  2. Lalhlupuii
  3. Lalfanzovi
  4. Lalrindiki
  5. Lalmuanpuii Hnamte
  6. Maggie Lalruatsaki
  7. Maria
  8. Lily Lalenkawli
  9. Lalremzuala
  10. Laltlansanga
  11. Vanlalhlua
  12. Isaac Lalremruata
  13. Lalruatsanga
  14. Lalruattluanga
  15. Mark Rozarliana
  16. Elvis Tongtongya
  17. Rohit
  18. Lalruatkima
  19. Cedric Lalhmingliana
  20. Rodinpuia

Teacher i/c Miss Lalchhanpuii Ralte

The SDA framed a calendar and activities to be worked out by the Club members and these activities are organised as a competition between the members and the Clubs of the 67 schools.  The activities include displaying banners, displaying posters, distribution of pamphlets, energy audits at school, energy audits at households, poster writing competitions and essay writing competitions. These were nicely done by the Club members in 2016-2017.

Prizes received in 2016-2017:

Individual Prize: Lalruattluanga and Lily Lalenkawli Sailo won Consolation Prizes in the Essay Writing competition and received cash of Rs.1000 and a citation.

Club Prize: In the overall state-level competition, the Club won 8th position / Consolation with a cash Prize of Rs 2000 and a citation.