HSLC Results 2020-2021

We are celebrating yet another year of outstanding results in the HSLC exams taken by our recently passed-out Class X students. 48 students appeared for the exams and 47 passed. Despite the many hurdles they faced during the first year of the Coronavirus Pandemic, God has blessed them abundantly:


Angela Lalremsiami Nounesenuo Sorhie (L in E, SS)
Lalhriatzuali Rengsi (L in E, M, Sc, SS, Mz)
Lalmuanpuii Zadeng (L in E, M, Sc, SS, Mz)
Lalnunfeli Rokhum (L in SS, Mz)
Lalremdiki Sailo (L in SS, Mz)
Lalrinawmi (L in E, M, Sc, SS, Mz)
Lalrinmuani (L in SS, Mz)
Malsawmdawngzuali (L in E, Sc, SS, Mz)
Vanlalpeksangi (L in E, M, Sc, SS, Mz)
B Injeb Chakma (L in SS)
Benjamin Lalvenhima (L in M, Sc, SS, Mz)
Biakrinawma Pachuau (L in M, Sc, SS, Mz)
H Lalrinsanga (L in E, SS, Mz)
H Lalruatfela (L in Sc, SS, Mz)
H Lalruatsanga (L in M, Sc, SS, Mz)
H Remlalfaka (L in E, SS, Mz)
Jason Lalrinhlua (L in E, M, Sc, SS, Mz)
Lalhmangaihzuala (L in M, Sc, SS, Mz)
Lalmuansanga Sailo (L in SS, Mz)
Lalrinkima Chhangte (L in SS, Mz)
Marvin Beiraduasa Hlychho (L in M, SS, Mz)
Maurice Malsawmsanga (L in E, M, Sc, SS, Mz)
Onesim Lalvensanga Khiangte (L in E, M, Sc, SS, Mz)
Samuel Rotluangliana Ralte (L in E, M, Sc, SS)
Simon Lalmalsawma Sailo (L in Sc, SS, Mz)
Vanlalrinchhana (L in M, SS, Mz)


Angela Lalrohlui
Elizabeth R Lalruatfeli (L in Mz)
Emily Lalramhluni
Mercy Lalrinchhani (L in SS, Mz)
Mercy Vanllawmawmi (L in E, SS, Mz)
Rosaline Lalhriatpuii (L in Mz)
C Lalbiakhlua (L in E, SS, Mz)
George Lalrindika (L in E)
H Vabei Byhnarona
K Ramluahpuia (L in SS)
KC Malsawmsanga
Lalramhmachhuana (L in SS, Mz)
Timothy Lalrinawma
Vanlalruatsanga (L in Sc, SS)
VT Beilonga (L in Mz)
Zenith Chakma (L in SS)
Zosangpuia (L in Mz)


Catherine Lalrinhlui
R Malsawmsangi
Ruby Zothanpuii Ralte