A Busy School during Lockdown

Everything might seem quiet while the lockdown continues, but the reality is that our school community has been just as busy, if not more busy, than normal.

Thanks to our new school app, our students are being kept busy with plenty of work. Their parents and guardians are busy helping them and quickly learning to cope with the new technology. The teachers have all their books at home and are trying to offer the best they can in a difficult situation. They are typing notes and preparing their own resources which will be useful not just now but for future revision even in the years to come. Meanwhile, several of them have children of their own who are also receiving homework. 

There are now eight of us living in the school building. As time has gone on we have been allowed to welcome some of our neighbouring workers to come and help us in our maintenance projects. The pictures in this post give just a small glimpse of what we have been busy with.

We have been busy refreshing the paintwork both inside and outside the classrooms, we have completely transformed the stage in the main hall, the sound system has been fully updated, a brand new prayer room has been established and the hostel kitchen has been refurbished and even provided with a herb garden. We have also worked hard to ensure every family has had a chance to buy books, get the correct resources and use the app to its full advantage, always on call to respond to queries.

In many ways life has gone on as normal, as we seek to be a blessing to our local community and especially the most needy families, while making sure we comply with all the restrictions currently in place. All our students’ families are in our prayers, and we thank you for praying for us at this time.