Ministry Visit from Islary Family

We have been blessed this week with the presence of the Islary family who are based in Gossaigaon, Assam. Mr Islary is Boro, while his wife is Nepali, and together they have had almost two decades of ministry in Nepal, West Bengal and Assam. Now they are settled in Gossaigaon where they run their own parachurch ministry called Divine Repairer Ministry, a place of prayer and healing for all people. Mr Islary is also involved with a local Bible College and is also on the board of the National Christian Council (NCC), representing Assam and taking steps to support persecuted Christians in the region.

They came to visit the school since they had previously worked together with our Principal on the mission field many years ago. They brought their talented young daughter Jemima (18), who inspired the children by demonstrating that young people can also be anointed with gifts of preaching and singing. As a family they had many opportunities during their stay to minister to the school and to a local church through their preaching and singing.

We will remember them in our prayers and hope that their ministry continues to flourish. Their dream is to establish 1) Supporters for their own Divine Repairer Ministry and 2) A Mizoram branch of the NCC, which currently does not have any Mizo representation.