Schoolbags Donated to Bethany Colony Leprosy Association

We are pleased to be able to show pictures of our DIS schoolbags being received by students at the school organised by the Bethany Colony Leprosy Association in Andhra Pradesh. The children who attend live in the colony because their parents or other relatives are still suffering from leprosy and the Association provides such families with a means to survive.

Pastor Emmanuel of the Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship has been responsible for bringing the Colony to the attention of our school in the past, and he recently established a formal relationship between the Colony and the Leprosy Mission branch in Mizoram, who now take an active role in looking after the community.

The community and the school have many needs, especially for workers, but when the need for schoolbags was expressed we were delighted to be able to contribute in a small way to the ministry that goes on there.