Foundation Week 2018

From 15th October we celebrated the 13th annual Foundation Week of Divine Intervention School. As always, there were a variety of competitions and events to showcase our students’ talents.

On the first day, Vice-Principal Sir Mapuia led the opening function which included special items from both teachers and students. The teachers and staff also enjoyed a special lunch in honour of the occasion.

On the second day, Sir LS-a organised the next stage of the SongSlam solo singing competition. All the contestants did very well and we look forward to the final round.

On the third day, there was an elocution competition organised by Miss Olivia, Miss Manuni and Miss Baby, English teachers from the Junior, Middle and High School sections. The standard was even higher than before and the participants brought the poems to life in an entertaining way.

On the fourth day, there was a quiz competition organised by Miss Chhanpuii and Sir Zothana. The teams did very well and it was an enjoyable end to the week.