Get Kids into Reading with BookBite Subscription

We would like to bring to attention a new initiative in India called BookBite, which we believe will have a significant positive impact on children’s interest in reading. This is not operated from within the school, but we do endorse it and encourage all parents and guardians to consider taking out a subscription for their children.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the workshops and visitors associated with the BookBite+ and BookBite Engage subscriptions due to our location and the fact that this is a new initiative. However, the more students subscribe, the more likely it is that we will be able to arrange such programmes. The boxes themselves, even without the workshops, seem very worthwhile to us.

See the choice of subscriptions below, and click here to contact the BookBite team directly.

BookBite Lite: ₹89/yr (Digital Newsletter) **Free for first year**

A custom newsletter focused on delivering educational and interesting content. Complete with author interviews, reading recommendations and section devoted entirely to academic news. The newsletter is the fastest way to get students excited about reading.
(12 times/year)

– Academic News
– Recommended book
– Author interviews
– Monthly podcast
– Exclusive deals

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BookBite+ : ₹299/yr (Activities)

A workshop module encouraging students to participate in reading and writing related activities. Educational yet entertaining activities motivate students to learn and enjoy.

(3 times/year)

– Online activities
– Short stories
– Bookish Goodies
– Group Workshops
– Monthly newsletter

BookBite Engage: ₹1200/yr (Book Box)

A reading intervention used to supplement regular reading in Class 3-12 classrooms. It’s aim is to improve students’ reading and writing skills in an interactive manner. The module involves students receiving curated book packages.
(3 times/year)

– Exciting novels
– Short stories
– Bookish Goodies
– Group Activities
– Monthly newsletter

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