Exciting New Tools for Teaching

KGI to Class I and beyond will soon be putting some exciting new tools to use in their classrooms. We have recently invested in a range of innovative resources from Grolier, designed to improve young children’s reasoning skills and spoken English.

Rohini Balraj, Mizoram’s new regional sales manager and education consultant for Grolier, kindly visited the school and spent an afternoon with the teachers and assistants, helping them to familiarise themselves with the resources. Among other tools, these include Logico Primo boards which are tactile tools for developing problem-solving ability, and Talking English books, which can be read aloud using an interactive pen.

We are excited to start using these resources amongst our youngest children, to give them a great start in their educational journey. We are also proud to be leading the way among schools in Mizoram, always seeking to provide the most up-to-date resources suitable for our local context.