Crusade with Zorina Pautu

Zorina Pautu returned to Divine Intervention School for a whole weekend of praise and worship. From Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon, he conducted a crusade which was refreshing for all the students and staff, joined by many different musicians, singers and friends. Every programme had a different mix of short talks, singing, dancing, solos and dramas. Zorina Pautu has been based in Mumbai but will shortly be moving to Indore with his family to start a new chapter in his ministry life.

Divine Intervention School is very blessed to be able to invite such a range of visitors to the school to speak with the students. Since the academic session began we have had a special guest almost every week, including Debz Whybrew from the UK who recently spent three months in Lunglei, as well as a team from Nagaland and Manipur.