Easter at Divine Intervention School

With the new academic session starting on the 12th April, the Easter weekend has proven to be the perfect time for the hostellers to find their feet and bond with each other.

Class VIII, IX and X hostellers headed to the Synod Conference Centre where they joined in with the Easter Youth Retreat from the 14th-16th April. It was led by several pastors and evangelists from different parts of India, and theme was ‘Journey to the Cross.’ It was an inspirational time for many of the students and a wonderful opportunity to focus on the whole story of Easter for the entire weekend. They all returned having made new friends and ready to start the new academic session in earnest from Monday 17th April.

Meanwhile, all the hostellers below Class VIII remained at the school where they were able to have fun playing and getting to know each other better. On Good Friday, they watched a film about Easter and discussed the story with the wardens. On Saturday, they were treated to an outing to KV Paradise and Aizawl Theological College in Durtlang. Finally, on Easter Sunday morning, they all attended the church service at BCM Government Complex, not far from the school. The church is the youngest Baptist church in Mizoram, with a small membership and incomplete building, so it was very special for the congregation to be visited by so many of the hostel children. They enjoyed taking part and returned to the school happily clutching the special Easter boiled eggs they had received.

For the hostel community, the Easter weekend has been both a relaxing and meaningful time. We are excited about the year that lies ahead for all of the students and their wardens.