One Last Bible Study

The Class X students will complete their MBSE board exams on Monday, 20th March, after which they will leave the school and head home to get ready for the next step in their lives, hopefully with a chance to study at a top Higher Secondary school.

In their last weekend at the school, from 17th to 19th March, they have been treated to a series of Bible studies led by an evangelist team from Bassikos Institution and Research Centre. The studies, presented by Malsawmkima Hmar and Lalhmangaihzuala, have covered the entire gospel story and presented a clear salvation outline, all while capturing everyone’s full attention. From Friday night to the whole of Sunday, the students and staff have all been blessed by their ministry. It has been a wonderful way to end their happy time at Divine Intervention School and ensure that each one of them ‘goes home with Jesus,’ in the words of the Principal.