A Visit from Dr J Zamanthangi

On Friday, 17 February, Divine Intervention School was treated to an afternoon with Dr J Zamanthangi who came to visit and give some words of encouragement and inspiration to the students.

Pi Mani, as she is often fondly known, worked as a medical doctor in London for several decades and continues to be based there. She is an active member of the UK Zofate fellowship, regarded as a grandmother to all the Mizo people who come to the UK, whether for work or for study.

Now she is in Mizoram for several months working on a retirement project which will involve constructing a large school in Falkawn. She has been busy with many speaking engagements and is much in demand, so we are thankful that she was able to spend time with us yesterday in what was her third visit to the school since her first in 2012.