Green House wins Quiz Competition 2017

The annual DIS Quiz Competition was held on 15th February 2017. It was hosted by Miss Tetei and Sir LSa (Maths teachers) and adjudicated by Miss Manuni (English teacher) and Miss Chhanpuii (Maths teacher). Thanks to the hard work of Sir Hlutea (Physics teacher), the questions were presented in a captivating interactive format which recreated the atmosphere of a television game show.

Two participants each drawn from Class VI and above represented their respective houses in the first two rounds, which included multiple choice questions on a wide range of subjects including geography, history and English grammar. The rest of the students also got a chance to participate throughout the competition. The selection of finalists came down to several tie-breakers, due to the impressively high standard of the participants.

The final four teams for the final round were yellow, green and two red teams, since blue had been eliminated in the earlier rounds. The final results were as follow:

  1. Green house
  2. Red house
  3. Red house
  4. Yellow house

Congratulations to everyone involved. Let’s hope the competition serves to spark everyone’s minds as they prepare for their final exams next week.