1st DIS Elocution Competition

On Friday, 2nd February, DIS passed a landmark moment by holding our first ever elocution competition. Under the dedicated leadership of Miss Olivia (Class I and Spoken English teacher) and Miss Jenny (KG I and English teacher), two students each from Class IV to Class IX took to the stage to recite poems in front of the rest of the school students and staff.

Class IV and Class V competed against each other with the poem Leisure by WH Davies. Class VI and Class VII prepared the poem Home they brought her warrior dead by Alfred Lord Tennyson. Class VIII and Class IX prepared O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman. Their recitations were judged on a wide range of criteria from enunciation to modulation of voice by a panel composed of Miss Tpi (Class III teacher), Dr Joanna (English and Music teacher) and Miss Tetei (Maths teacher).

All the participants did exceptionally well, and the results were as follow:

Class IV and Class V

  1. Lawmzeli (Class IV)
  2. T Lalnunkima (Class V)
  3. Lalhruaizeli (Class IV)

Class VI and Class VII

  1. Angela N Lalremsiami (Class VI)
  2. Lalhruaisangi (Class VI) and T Lalrinfeli (Class VII)
  3. Kylie Lalruatfeli (Class VII)

Class VIII and Class IX

  1. Lalrinngheti Sonset (Class VIII)
  2. Nancy Lalrinchhani (Class VIII)
  3. Maggie Lalruatsaki (Class IX)

It was an excellent event and a great achievement for the school and everyone involved.