2nd DIS Extempore Speech Competition

The second extempore speech competition to be held at Divine Intervention School took place on Monday, 5th February. The middle and upper school classes gathered in the hall to cheer on their classmates. There were two representatives from each class from Class IV to Class IX.

From topics such as ‘My favourite cartoon character’ and ‘My best friend,’ to ‘If I were Prime Minister,’ each participant bravely took the stage for up to two minutes. Nerves were often on display, but others succeeded in captivating their audience with entertaining speeches.

Class IV and Class V, Class VI and Class VII and Class VIII and Class IX went head-to-head against each other. There were three winners from the three pairs of classes. The results were as follow:

Class IV and Class V

  1. J Lalrintluangi (V)
  2. Lalruatpuii (IV)
  3. Raymond Lalbiaksanga (V)

Class VI and Class VII

  1. Maurice Malsawmsanga (VI)
  2. Jeremy Lalhruaitluanga (VII)
  3. Laldinfeli (VII)

Class VIII and Class IX

  1. Lalnunpuia (VIII)
  2. Vanlalhlua (IX)
  3. Caleb Lalramchhuana (VIII)

Our heartiest congratulations to all the winners and participants. The competition was organised by Miss Olivia (Class I and Spoken English teacher) and Miss Jenny (KG I and English teacher), with an expert judges’ panel comprised of Miss Babie and Miss Manuni, both English teachers from the middle and upper school sections. The Principal, R Zochhawna, also made a short address. We are grateful to all who were involved in making the competition a success.