Bhutan Mission Trip Report

Almost every year, a group of Class IX students gets the chance to visit Bhutan for a ‘mission trip’ experience. Today, the group of 2016 presented their report to the school during morning devotion. 18 students and three teachers had visited Bhutan from the 12th to the 21st December, travelling by bus and train.

In Bhutan, they spent time at the town of Phuntsholing and the capital Thimphu. They visited many of the tourist hotspots and sites of historic and religious interest, especially in and around Paro, including the Tiger’s Nest. For many of the students, it was their first exposure to Buddhist places of worship and sacred sites, so it was a rare chance to learn about Buddhist culture. As a Christian group, they were able to spend time privately in prayer together.

They met and had fellowship with some of the local Christians in Bhutan, and were fortunate to be present at the monthly gathering of Mizo Christians. Miss Manuni and Isaac of Class IX both sang solos and everyone was blessed by the chance to gather together and share a meal. Near the border with Bhutan they also attended an ICI church service in Jaigaon where they had a chance to participate and spend time with the isolated Christians there.

The group had a wonderful time together and have many stories to tell. We are thankful to Miss Thatei, Miss Chhanpuii and Miss Manuni for guiding them so well.