Class V Student ranked 9th in Mizoram Mathematics Society Competition

On 26 November 2016, students from Class V, VII and X took part in the state-wide mathematics competition organised by Mizoram Mathematics Society. We are delighted to announce that our student J. Lalrintluangi, daughter of J. Lalvohbika, ranked 9th overall among the Class V participants, with an impressive score of 82.5. The prize-giving was held at the Synod Conference Centre on 22 December 2016 where she received an award of R. 1000/-. Congratulations to J. Lalrintluangi and all of our students who took part. Full results can be downloaded from the following links:

Class V:…/2016%20CLASS%20V.pdf.pdf

Class VIII:…/New%20folder/2016%20CLA…

Class X:…/Ne…/2016%20CLASS%20X.pdf