Christmas Donations distributed by MHIP in Chhipphir

For the first time this year, Divine Intervention School invited everyone to bring donations of clothes to the school for distribution to those in need this Christmas. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of so many children from all classes, and ended up with several large bales of lovely gifts. After much consideration and prayer, especially since this is the first year of such an initiative, it was decided that the donations would be brought to Chhipphir where many families struggle to provide new gifts to their children at Christmas.

For this reason, our principal, R. Zochhawna, visited Chhipphir on 13 December and entrusted the donations to the local MHIP. They were so happy to receive them since they had been unable to fulfil their wish of providing for such families this year. They carefully identified the families most in need in the village, and on 16 and 17 December they were able to distribute gifts to over 100 families. Chhipphir YMA also expressed their heartfelt thanks to everyone at DIS who generously donated.

Let’s continue to be a blessing in 2017…