Trip to Mizoram University with Class X Hostellers

All except Class X finished for the Christmas holidays on Friday, 9 December. Class X have one more week of exams and the hostellers have been studying extra hard. However on Saturday, 10 December, they were treated to an outing to Mizoram University where they were given a tour of the library and had the chance to explore the facilities. Not only was it a well-deserved break from their hard work, but it was also an inspiring chance to see the kind of institution they might be able to join in the future. They also paid a visit to AICS -chaplain Sir Asiama’s alma mater- where they met some of the faculty and students and enjoyed a game of basketball. They were guided by all the wardens and the chaplain, but special thanks must be given to warden Sir Gabriel who, as a PhD student in geography at MZU, was able to coordinate the visit.